WELCOME TO THE Department of Mathematics

The essence of mathematics lies in its freedom.

– Georg Cantor

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The Department of Mathematics is part of the Mathematics Section at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of UWB, which it forms with the VP5 Department, Qualitative and Quantitative Investigation of Mathematical Models, of NTIS - European Centre of Excellence – New Technologies for the Information Society.

The Department of Mathematics is a workplace with University-wide coverage, which provides teaching of specialized mathematics subjects at the Faculties FAS, FDA, FEC, FEE, FME, FED, FHCS. Experts from other UWB workplaces, but also from other universities and recognized research institutes, are invited to teach selected subjects guaranteed by the Department.

The Department guarantees several study programmes in bachelor's, follow-up master's and doctoral studies - study programme Mathematics for Business Studies (Bc. and Ing.), Mathematics and its Applications (Bc. and Mgr.), Teaching of Mathematics for Secondary Schools (Mgr.) and doctoral study programme Mathematics (Ph.D.). Within the follow-up master's programmes Mathematics and its Applications and Teaching of Mathematics for Secondary School the Department is authorized to conduct the state Rigorosum examination, which is a postgraduate exam taken by someone who already has Master's degree (Mgr.) and who is thereby awarded a higher degree, in this case RNDr..

From a scientific point of view, the Department is engaged in research mainly in the areas of mathematical analysis, graph theory, geometric modelling and numerical mathematics. The members of the Department publish academic papers with original mathematical results, are involved in a number of national and European projects, organize conferences, workshops and seminars, and educate young researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral students). Research also involves intensive international cooperation.