Mathematics and its Applications

Degree: Bachelor, Bc.
Standard Length of Study: 3 years
Form of Study: full-time
Language: Czech

Possibility of study internships abroad



This study programme is intended for students interested in a broader theoretical mathematical foundation connected with application fields (especially in natural and technical sciences). The aim of the study is to provide sufficiently versatile mathematical knowledge and to enable students to orientate themselves in basic mathematical disciplines and methods of modern mathematics.

What will I learn?

Students will learn to read a mathematical text, actively use correct procedures in solving mathematical problems or construct elementary proofs in abstract mathematical systems. They will also acquire the ability to formulate, analyse and solve real problems from scientific, economic and technological fields using mathematical methods. Mastering the appropriate software tools is a matter of course.


The programme is primarily designed as a preparation for the follow-up master's study of mathematics, and at the same time prepares graduates for direct application in practice. They will use the acquired knowledge, especially in solving mathematically formulated engineering-scientific, economics, medical, or even social problems.