Teaching of Mathematics for Secondary Schools

Degree: Master, Mgr.
Standard Length of Study: 2 years
Form of Study: full-time
Language: Czech

Possibility of study internships abroad

Rigorosum procedure is possible (degree: RNDr.)



The study programme is focused on the training of mathematics teachers at secondary schools or higher vocational schools. It is part of the so-called combined study, in which the applicant chooses two study programmes from the offer of the group of study programmes called Teaching at Secondary Schools: one main (so-called major) and one associate (so-called minor). This study programme can be chosen as both main and associate and can be studied only in combination with the programmes Teaching of Physics at Secondary Schools (FAS), Teaching of Biology at Secondary Schools (FED), Teaching of Geography at Secondary Schools (FED) or Teaching of Chemistry at Secondary Schools (FPE). The master's degree programme Teaching of Mathematics at Secondary Schools is a direct follow-up to the bachelor's degree. Applicants are required to prove the fulfilment of entry competencies – both in the field of mathematics and in the field of pedagogy, psychology and teaching methodology, including completed practice. Applicants demonstrate these competencies by successfully completing a bachelor's programme in mathematics with a focus on education or another verifiable form (e.g. lifelong learning courses).

The overall study plan (a total of 120 credits) results from a combination of the study plan of the main study programme and the study plan of one associated study programme. Current study plans can be found on the UWB portal (for the following academic year, always from April).


Students will acquire a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of advanced mathematical theories and corresponding scientific methods, related to the modern concept of teaching secondary school mathematics. They are qualified in the formulation, analysis, solution and discussion of problems that appear in mathematics, and subsequently they can transform these real problems into a teaching process in the form of suitable simplifications. They demonstrate the same knowledge in their second subject, and in addition, they can find interdisciplinary relationships and contexts, not only within their subjects.


The study programme is designed so that graduates acquire the appropriate professional competencies necessary to be able to work at a high-quality professional level and with the necessary methodological and didactic knowledge and skills as secondary school teachers of mathematics and the second field. Due to the scientific-technical nature of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, emphasis is also placed on the graduate being a teacher who can make mathematics accessible to students in the broader context of its applications and who uses modern principles of science communication. Graduates are also fully prepared to work at higher vocational schools.